Cleaning the UK Without Chemicals 💫

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Washing up liquid- cleanIf you want to know the best cleaning without chemicals try using washing up liquid and nothing else for the shiniest. It is so shiny though you will have to plan your exit after cleaning the floor of a  room or hallway and keep away from  the area for a couple of hours. It is also great for kitchens on surface and in bathrooms use 🛀 all over baths and showers and rinse clean with water 💦 instead of bleach filled bathroom cleaning products or use bubble bath. The washing up liquid soap cleans all of the tiles in the bathroom and everything else.

All glass and glass surfaces are the shiniest including mirrors. Try a small sponge and use a water squeeze- water squeege- like window cleaning. So clean and eco friendly compared to other cleaning products. 💫 Use the smallest amount on glass and flooring. Tell us if you like it in the comments.


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